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Meet the New Vanguard Engineering Web Design

vanguard-engineering-calgary-web-designLooking to update their website and have it redesigned, the team at Vanguard Engineering Inc. contacted us. Their newly developed website is now live.

We treated the site to a mobile responsive makeover, reworking the site’s information architecture to make it easier for web visitors to source the information that they seek. Our team created a custom web design, programming the site into CMS which allows site administrators to easily update and upload information onto the website.

Vanguard Engineering Inc. has their head offices located in Calgary, AB. They specialize in providing solutions to the Energy Industry with a full team of senior engineers, technologists, project managers and mechanical and piping draftsmen.

To see the full website, you can go here: www.veieng.ca

Designing a New Logo & Developing a Web Design for Innova

innova-website-design-calgaryInnova Global Limited is the new name for what was ATCO Emissions Management. Due to this rebranding by the company, they required a new logo design to be developed and a new website as well. We were up to the challenge and are proud to announce that the new Innova logo and website are live.  

Our graphic designers got to work drawing up designs for the new logo, incorporating the requests of the company to include a globe to reflect the international scope of the work that they do.  We also created a custom web design, programming a content management system to allow site administrators to easily make changes to the front end of the website. The new web design is fully responsive and scales to size on all devices accordingly.

Innova Global Ltd. is a full service engineering, fabrication, procurement and construction company. They specialize in air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting, gas turbine systems, heat recovery, modular gas compression facilities, and turnkey building solutions for the oil and gas, power generation and industrial industries.

To see the new site and logo design, go here: www.innova-gl.com

Finding a Web Design Solution for DCDQ

dcdq-website-design-calgaryDCDQ is a volunteer run organization with an active website that allows health professionals to access the Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (DCDQ) online for free. They contacted our team looking to find an economical solution to get it mobile friendly and update the design. We are happy to say that we could help and their new website is now live.

Looking for a mobile responsive web design that could be easily maintained, our team programmed a content management system that allows the DCDQ website’s administrator to make changes to the website with ease. We also integrated PayPal functionality into the website, for those visitors looking to purchase the Little DCDQ directly from the website.

Originally developed in the late 1990’s at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, the DCDQ is a brief parent questionnaire designed to screen for coordination disorders in children aged 5 to 15 years. The Little DCDQ is a parent report measure that screens for motor coordination difficulties in 3 and 4 year old children.    

To view the complete website, you can go here: www.dcdq.ca

Redesigning the Nichols Environmental Website

nichols-environmental-website-design-calgaryHoping to breathe new life into their online presence, Nichols Environmental got in touch with our web development team. Their new web design is now live.

Our team worked with Nichols to organize the site’s information architecture to make it easier for web visitors to find the information they are looking for. We also incorporated imagery of the company at work, on site, to add visual appeal to the web pages. The website is fully responsive and scales to size on all devices.

Nichols Environmental is a full service geo-environmental consulting and remediation firm with offices in Calgary and Edmonton. Since 1997, they have provided environmental and engineering solutions to industrial, government and public sector clients.

To learn more and see the new site, you can go here: www.nicholsenvironmental.com

The Infinity Financial Group Web Design is Live

infinity-financial-website-design-calgaryIn need of a web developer to design a website and get it live on the net, Infinity Financial Group contacted our team. Their newly designed website is now up and running on the web.

We’ve designed a responsive website that incorporates a slide show component to illustrate the investment company’s services.  In addition, our designers created custom graphics as requested by the client to show the completed transactions Infinity Financial Group has structured and facilitated.

Infinity Financial Group is a Canadian owned multinational finance, investment and holding company. They are in the private equity investment business. Their investment horizon is mid-long-term and their objective is to help companies build a foundation for sustainable, long-term success.

To view the full website, you can go here: www.infinityfgi.com  

Creating a Responsive Web Design for Nanton Nutracueticals

nanton-nutra-website-designLooking to upgrade their website and get it mobile responsive, Nanton Nutracueticals got in contact with our web development team. We are happy to say that their new, modern, mobile-friendly web design is now live.

Our team created a custom web design and transferred the content from their existing website to the new site. New products have been added to their offerings and these items have also been showcased in the new web design.  The site contains an ecommerce component that allows web visitors to purchase products directly from the health and wellness supplement provider.

Nanton Nutraceuticals is a Canadian owned company that has been operating since 1980. They are committed to producing the highest quality health supplement products available on the market today.

To learn more and see the new website, you can visit it here: www.nantonnutra.com

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