Calgary Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is a deadline oriented business, at Web Candy we understand this and deliver at all costs.

Websites are one of the best means to convey information to investors. They offer a forum that can be made interactive and visually stimulating which can hold the viewers attention while taking in the vast amount of information that can be contained within.

Websites are extremely valuable in conveying important messages in an easy to understand format. Business can change at the drop of a hat, so it is important that your website is changes immediately as these changes in the business occur. Web Candy has the resources that enable us to react quickly to your changing needs. This means that your investors are ALWAYS kept up to date on what is happening with the company via an informative up to date website.

Web Candy will make sure your website is structured and designed to support and reinforce key messages, and that content and graphics will complement each other and give your investor a positive viewing experience.

Our services include content, and design consultations, copy writing, expedited site editing, navigation and architectural planning, design, and application programming.

PowerPoint Presentation Creation

Power point presentations are another effective tool used in corporate communications. A PowerPoint presentation is one of the most trusted mediums of illustrating and delivering a particular report, or message. This communication medium enables you to provide a report or message with significant quality, by enhancing the appearance of data and reports to help keep your target audiences engaged during the presentation.

Web Candy Provides the following PowerPoint services:

  • Ground up PowerPoint Production services:
    Web Candy designs a template and creates an informative presentation based on copy and images provided by the customer. If you don't have copy or images in a format that will work for a PowerPoint presentation give it to us anyways and we will use it as a basis to create effective copy, and to locate appropriate images for your presentation.
  • PowerPoint Makeover services:
    Do you currently have a PowerPoint presentation that needs a makeover? Web Candy can take your existing presentation and enhance it by incorporating new design to the template, formatting of the layout, or reorganizing of the slides so it has a better information flow.
  • Power Point Template Design Services:
    Do you know how to use of PowerPoint, but lack the know-how or design skills to create your own template? If so Web Candy can create a template that you can use in every PowerPoint presentation you create. A good template can be used hundreds of times if needed, providing that your company's corporate branding does not change.

Marketing Communications

Corporations have an obligation to shareholders/investors this obligation is presentation of information. Web Candy can create visually appealing information presentation conduits such as annual reports, news releases, meeting announcements, and financial statements. Having well presented information shows your shareholders that you care enough to take the time to present them with visually appealing, well structured information.

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