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Reliable & Fast Solutions that you depend on!

Web Candy operates its own secure servers in a enterprise class data center. Our data center provides Tier 3 data center uptime through multiple tier 1 backbone providers, diesel generators, UPS, HVAC, and hydro electric substations. Web Candy provides a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Our Network is FAST!!

All of our servers run on dedicated 100Mbps symetrical connections. I know that's technical talk, but that means in any given month we can transfer up to 30,000 GB per server... that's a lot of data and that means your website will be running fast and your customers will be happy!


Our technical support team has the motto "Get it done". Our technicians are available 365/24/7. Because you are given administrative access to your account you are in complete control of your acount.


Web Candy is an expert in providing Web Hosting services with both Windows and Linux operating systems in a virtual environment. Virtualized servers are becoming the norm now.

Proven Track Record

Web Candy has the philosophy of doing things right the first time. Our uptime stats are over 99.9% and we are a right sized company that is growing rapidly with an industry wide reputation for getting the job done.

Ability to Handle Your Future Requirements

IBM, Microsoft, SWSoft, and VMWare all agree that Virtualization is the way of the future for servers. Web Candy's hosting accounts take advantage of the virtualized systems and allows us to migrate from one to server to another in minutes to hours versus hours to days - and the best part is no reconfiguring! We combine Virtualization Technology and separate your hardware from your application/data environment. This means as your needs change and technology changes we can easily move you to the solution your business demands.

Risk Reduction to You and Your Assets

The location of a data center really matters. Operating a business means you, as a potential customer, should do due diligence on any place you plan to store the data critical to your business. This includes looking at the potential disruptions to service caused by hosting in hurricane, earthquake, and severe weather zones. Consider the recent storms that hit the southeastern US states (Florida, New Orleans, Texas) along with the power blackouts and brownouts in California. Web Candy chose a strategic location in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for our primary data centers. Kelowna is in the mountains away from earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and severe weather zones. This city has been recognized as one of Canada's top business cities and provides an excellent pool of potential employees through the University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Commitment to getting Job done

The work atmosphere at Web Candy is great. Everyone works hard and is treated fairly and we have low turnover. This is all because our team has the same common goal - to get the job done, properly, for you! Contact us today or complete our online quote form to get started.

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