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Most people never click past the first page of Google results. For this reason locally focused search engine optimization (SEO) is more important today than ever before. Business websites and online marketing in insular markets such as we find in Calgary are getting increasingly sophisticated. Having a poor online presence in a local market like Calgary's can result in your website being buried on a search engine results page and possible clients never learning more about your company or services. Don't let your business suffer - come to Web Candy for a Calgary SEO campaign.

Web Candy can help your Calgary Company get the search engine results it needs

Calgary web marketing and design firm Web Candy has an incredibly impressive track record at delivering locally-focused search engine optimization (SEO). Our Calgary search engine optimization clients have seen their results go from no-results-returned searches to being listed in natural organic occurrence on the very first page of Google results. As our results show, if you need Calgary search engine optimization you're in the right place.

We'll help you fix your website...

If your company already has a website and you do not yet want to upgrade its design, we will work with you through a site review and consultation process to determine the further steps needed to improve your site. After we analyze not only your website but also what your competition is doing for search engine optimization for the Calgary market, we work with your content to dramatically increase its search engine friendliness. We retool the site with geo-targeting. If you occupy a niche market in Calgary we will make sure your website structurally outclasses the competition. Our Calgary search engine optimization services do not end there! We identify marketing possibilities and find not only what possible customers use as search phrases to find businesses like yours but also if there are types of searches they could make that will help transform them from being an information seeker into a future customer.

...or we'll build it from scratch!

If your Calgary business does not yet have a search engine optimized website or wishes to have a new site, this provides us with even more ammunition to create an excellent and locally-focused search engine optimized website. Folder structure, your documents' semantic structure as well as the written text presented to the public will be scrutinized and perfected for local search engine optimization. We will analyze your business competition in Calgary and find the weaknesses in their SEO strategies and website performance. And, to boot, we'll give you a beautiful custom made website that is developmentally functional, aesthetically pleasing and built with the right Calgary search engine optimization.

Our Calgary Search Engine Optimization services don't stop there.

Web Candy offers even more SEO services to get your website the attention it needs. Some of our additional search engine optimization services include SEO copywriting (taking the text on your website and re-writing it with a focus on putting the appropriate attention on the key-phrases that will get your site noticed), link building (getting credible links back to your site - an important SEO step), directory submission (having your business listed in a credible directory such as DMOZ can do a lot for your page ranking), strategic blogging and much more.

Not in Calgary? We can still help.

Web Candy is increasingly receiving requests for proposals from businesses across Canada that need national search engine optimization campaigns as well as other web solutions. Although we are a Calgary web marketing and design company, our scope is ever-widening. If your company's business reach is national, or if you have a local focus in a non-Calgary market, we will work with you to provide the technical assistance and search engine optimization solutions you need.

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