calgary-online-reputation-managementWeb Candy offers comprehensive online reputation management services. At this point in the 21st century the information available about you, your company or service online is more critical than ever. People research new business relationships, new employees, potential purchases and companies on Google or other major search engines. Rudimentary research into reputation occurs now more than ever before. Given the influence and potential negative impact of unsatisfactory findings, it is sometimes essential to engage the professional support of a company that offers online reputation management services.

Our reputation management services typically involve a number of public relations strategies including creating and disseminating new online content, incorporating positive feedback and content in social web arenas such as blogs, social networking sites like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and promoting the brand or person through other social and public profiles. With Web Candy at your side to protect your brand and image you can see the stain of negative press reversed and forgotten. With sales at risk, or personal career advancement or even social standing, it is sometimes imperative to get professional help. And when it comes to online reputation management, Web Candy shines.

Online Reputation Management Case Study:

A Calgary client had come to us concerned about some negative press that was featured very prominently in Google whenever someone searched for their name. A concerted campaign by Web Candy utilized our tactical knowledge of the internet, article dissemination, link building, Google response and search engine optimization to create a number of online assets which together worked to remove the negative press from its prominent location. Our success in this campaign means the site holding the negative comments are not only not in the first two results when someone searches for our client’s name, but also that the negative press is no longer even featured on the first page.

The success of this campaign demonstrates again that Web Candy’s online reputation management can even tackle negative press from sources as trusted as Calgary’s two major online newspapers.

The success will also help our client realize better business relationships with those potential clients who do some preliminary online searches first before doing business.

Our other reputation management services involve brand and reputation monitoring.

Get Web Candy to watch what people are saying and work to diminish negative impact before it has the chance to spread!

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