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You know your potential customer base is huge. All you need is an excellently developed online store that is designed with the goal of converting site viewers into customers and making the sale. The key to making this happen is choosing a trustworthy and experienced web development company with a strong knowledge and extensive experience with making cost-effective online stores. That company is Web Candy.

Use E-Commerce to sell your products & services online

Web Candy is Calgary's premier provider of online stores that work. We have created high functioning online stores for local and national companies that have dramatically contributed to these business' success. Whether your online store's focus is local, national or international we have the experience and know how to make your online store an asset to your business.

Calgary online store & Ecommerce Specialists | Online Stores Made by | Shown here are screenshots of some of our stores including Single Cup, Back to Basics Raw Pet Food and SCS Trucks

Making Online Stores Designed For Market Realities

Part of the reason why our online stores are so successful for our clients is that we identify your market and make an online store and presence specifically designed for the realities of your market. If there are others who occupy your market niche, we analyze the stores of the competition to see what we need to do to make the appeal of your store stronger and better designed for creating sales and revenue growth.

The Smart Online Store: Capturing Information With Strong Web Development

There is a wealth of information that can be used in Web Candy's online stores to make your store smart. We can develop online stores that interact with your customers based on what they are doing on your site. If you want incentives to help drive sales, the smart store can inform clients about similar products or inform clients about offers like free shipping that can be available if they add a certain amount of products to their cart. Whether you want a store with a built in online community (fostering sales through loyalty built through rating systems, client areas and more), online coupons, or email marketing based on your actual client list, Web Candy can develop the solution you need.

The Web Candy smart online store does not stop with the customer making the sale. Never before has there been so much information available to business owners about what customers and potential customers are doing and paying attention to. Web Candy can develop our stores to provide you with real world business intelligence that you can use to guide your future business decisions.

Our online store development doesn't stop with customer interaction. Do you need to tie your e-commerce site with your store inventory system? Do you need to send you online orders to your shipper? Or do you work with an external fulfillment house and need to send orders in batches to your warehouse's server? Web Candy will tie your online store into your chosen payment gateway and provide any custom development your online store needs.

E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization – a Recipe For Success

Part of the reason why we have created so many E-Commerce success stories is the fact that we build our stores with strong search engine optimization (SEO) principles to help Google and other search engines find and index our clients' products. By giving your products the proper focus and treatment we increase the changes of your stores' products ranking highly in Google. Whether the market for your online store is Calgary (see Calgary search engine optimization to see how we geotarget locally focused SEO campaigns), another local area or region, provincial or state-wide, national or international, we work with the SEO fundamentals to get your store noticed. Needless to say, if your products rank well, potential customers will notice your store.

See a sample of how one of our online stores is performing on Google.

Online Store Case Studies

Read about how one of our e-commerce success stories and how an online store we provided for a Calgary based company helped turn them into a major national presence that has now generated thousands of orders for them placed all across the country.

An On-Going Relationship to Help You Build Upon Your Success

Web Candy has strong relationships with many of its clients across the country that have continued long after their stores have been launched. Whether you have marketing ideas for print or digital distribution, or you want your store to be developed further to help it grow more successful, Web Candy will be there for you. From full care marketing to marketing campaign management, we have the know-how and talent to help add to your business' online success.

Get the Ball Rolling Now!

Talk to one of our knowledgeable salespeople right now by calling 403-457-3499 (Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5 PM) or use our online form to let us know how we can work with you to build your successful online store.

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