Get your message out to the masses

  • Deliver your message to thousands of businesses in the Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto area within 3 business days. Or any other major city in Canada.
  • Multiple fax servers & phone lines.
  • Single Page Broadcast - your full page message is delivered by itself, not in a multi-page, multi-client package.
  • Overnight fax delivery outside business hours.
  • Prompt removal of numbers from data base when requested.

WHY FAX? The Advantages of Fax Advertising

Advantage #1 - The great thing about fax advertising is that everybody has to read their faxes. You are guaranteed of at least one view per fax, unlike a magazine which has a hundred pages and your ad may or may not be seen. Direct mail many times will be thrown directly into the garbage. Not every body watches the TV channel you're advertising on exactly at that time. EVERY FAX IS READ.

Advantage #2 - When you purchase a fax list, your cost to send goes down every time you use it to the point where you're only paying for the fax send cost. The fax send cost is a mere fraction of the cost of a stamp. Every time you send out direct mail, you don't get a reduced rate for postage unless you're sending out millions. Having said that, the first time cost of purchasing a fax list, combined with the fax send cost is always less than the cost of printing, labour and postage with a direct mail campaign.

Advantage #3 - And because we can send out THOUSANDS of faxes per hour, we can have your piece delivered much quicker and more efficiently than direct mail through the standard postal system.

Advantage #4 - We assume that everybody who has access to a fax machine is either employed or self employed which gives an active audience.

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