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Why Your Website Needs an Awesome Meet the Team Page


For many businesses, their website serves as the primary marketing platform where inquiring minds can go to discover product and service offerings. It’s the place where existing clients and potential customers go to find information to validate a purchase decision or investigate whether or not they in fact, want to do business with you and your organization.

Just like you’d be hesitant to go on a date with someone whose provided little to no background information about themselves beforehand, potential clients likewise feel reluctant to trust a business that fails to properly introduce itself and its people. Hence, the importance of having an awesome “Meet the Team” page on your website.    

Sure an “About Us” page encapsulates the idea of who you are as a business, but a “Meet the Team” page is unique in that it showcases the individual people that make up your company. This web page offers your business the opportunity to showcase the talents of your team, build a rapport with your potential and existing clients, and increase credibility for the business as a whole.

Why a Meet the Team Page Is So Important

It Showcase Your Talents

Your “Meet the Team” page is the perfect place to introduce key team members and highlight their individual skills. By showcasing their talents, accomplishments and personality, your web visitors learn about why it is your people (and the business) is qualified to address and fulfill their needs.

Companies are composed of people and it is much easier to trust a person than it is a brand or company. Generally speaking, companies more often than not sound like they’re sales pitching because they are. Whereas, individual profiles of those who make up a company are simply disclosing why their people are great at their job.

This small difference in approach, can make all the difference for those who are still on the fence about whether or not they should trust you. When potential customers can feel like they can trust your people to provide the goods and services they seek, they will be likely to trust your business as well.

It Increases Credibility

Once your web visitors have discovered that you offer the products or services they require, they’ll get to researching whether or not your business is legit, oftentimes navigating to your “Meet the Team” page to find out whether or not your people are qualified and reliable.  

Again, your “Meet the Team” page presents your business with the opportunity to show how long you’ve been in the industry, why you are uniquely capable to address their needs, what kind of a company they’ll be dealing with and why your people, brand and business are the only reasonable choice for them.

Use your “Meet the Team” page to reinforce your businesses credibility and convince your potential customers that your crew will deliver what they need.   

It Helps to Create Rapport

People are more likely to do business with someone they like rather than someone they don’t know. It’s only natural that you recommend companies, brands, services, products and people that you personally have had a favourable experience with. And that’s just it – it is about getting personal.

Granted, there is a degree where things can get too personal, for ex. Does it matter that grilled cheese sandwiches are your favourite food when you run a law firm? Probably not. But! A “Meet the Team” page does allow your company to show off its human side and build a rapport with potential customers to makes them feel like they know more about your business.

Showing how your team is connected, the roles and contribution your members play in your company’s services and product offerings, their individual hobbies and some relevant personal information, offers your web visitors a glimpse into the world that is your company.  And that glimpse into the awesomeness of who makes up your company can be the very thing that sells your potential customer into choosing you. 

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