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Print Marketing Know-how & Expertise

Web Candy is not just about making great websites: we also offer a comprehensive suite of excellent quality print advertising products to satisfy all your business' printing requirements. With our highly competitive pricing and trusted relationships with world class print shops Web Candy offers printing that is not only of unsurpassable quality but also at rates that outclass our competition in Calgary.

Leverage Web Candy's expertise with creating high quality print products to further enhance the perception of your business, strengthen customer relations, attract customers, build brand recognition and pursue business opportunities.

Web Candy can also work with you through a multi stage print marketing process from identifying opportunities to related printing asset creation and even distribution. Use our proven abilities in marketing to help you define the needs of your campaigns and then create outstanding print marketing products.

Sample Print Marketing Campaign - The Reading Foundation came to Web Candy with the need to launch a multi faceted print marketing campaign. They wanted outreach to existing customers along with materials created to appeal to new customers. Web Candy provided brochures designed for the audience types and worked with the client to determine Calgary delivery options.

Print Design: Business Cards

Web Candy offers complete Calgary business card printing services. We can satisfy your business card printing needs from black & white print jobs, two sided colour business cards or even work with unique shapes. Do you need your business cards in a rush? We can accommodate your printing needs with a short turnaround time. Contact our office now to learn more.

Brochures (Tri-fold, centerfold, gate fold and single page brochures)

Web Candy offers professionally designed and printed brochures to go satisfy your printing marketing requirements. Get the message out today with a professionally designed and printed brochure from Web Candy. We offer Single Page Brochures on all stock, Two Sided brochures, Gate Fold brochures, Tri-Folds and more. Contact the office today to speak to us about your print job needs.

Your Calgary Brochure Mailing Campaign

Work with us to determine your Calgary mail delivery for your Web Candy printed brochures. We have details of Canada Post route maps and can help you plan out your print marketing campaign

Print Design: Door Hangers

Get the message delivered to their doorsteps with Door Hangers designed and printed by Web Candy. These unique and attractive print marketing items go on the doorknobs of possible customers' homes in your targeted areas in Calgary. Door Hangers get the message right into customers' hands.

Print Design: Postcards

Inform customers about sales, business re-locations, specials, promotions and more with quality printed postcards from Web Candy. We can assist you with identifying key route delivery areas to deliver the postcards to the parts of Calgary most receptive to your business message.

For example if your message's audience is corporate, we will choose routes in downtown Calgary. If your message is geared towards a business in Calgary North West, we can choose the most appropriate locations.

Print Design: Promotional Items

Get the word out in other ways about your company. Custom promotional items and swag from Web Candy can serve as give-aways, promotional items, gifts and those items to help your business with the ongoing process of cultivating brand recognition.

Sample Marketing Campaign with Promotional Items

Web Candy's client, wanted an item to give away to customers to both drive sales and reward loyalty. Web Candy oversaw the making of a promotional travel mug for them and made related marketing assets including accompanying newsletters and website graphics announcing the promotion. 1000 travel mugs got printed with's logo and message and given away to customers placing orders across Canada.

Print Design: Letterheads / Envelopes / Posters

Create an impression of your business that is as professional as possible with quality letterheads, envelopes or other print collateral. If you need quality designed and printed corporate stationary we can accommodate your needs. We maintain a number of relationships with world-class print shops and can service rush orders.

In Conclusion

From business cards to brochures, Web Candy is ready willing and able to combine fresh ideas and valuable design experience to help you with your print marketing campaign. Whether you're trying to develop a brand identity from scratch or expanding an already successful brand Web Candy can help you achieve results with your Calgary print marketing campaign.

Address Your Print Marketing Needs Now!

Talk to one of our knowledgeable salespeople right now by calling 403-457-3499 (Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM) or use our online form to let us know how we can work with you to provide the print marketing materials your Calgary business needs.

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