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A New Web Design for Calgary’s Osteoporosis Centre

385Looking to increase public awareness of their services and offerings, the Calgary Osteoporosis Centre got in touch with our web development team. They wanted to create a website to showcase their expertise in osteoporosis care and we are happy to report that we’ve done just that for them.

Our team has created a custom web design that is easy to navigate for both patients and healthcare professionals. The website is responsive so web visitors can easily view the information on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.  

The Dr. David Hanley Osteoporosis Centre is located in Calgary and serves all of Southern Alberta. They supply education for clients, doctors and the community including information about diagnosis, prevention, treatment and the latest clinical guidelines for osteoporosis care and more.

To see their offerings and view their website, go here: www.osteoporosiscalgary.com

Welcoming the New School Year with a New Web Design for LCSD

lcsd-website-designIn need of a website redesign, the Lloyd Catholic School District (LCSD) contacted our web development team. We are happy to say that with a new school year they also have a new website!

The new responsive web design features photos of the schools, students and teachers belonging to the school district. It is a modern design that captures the innovative spirit of LCSD. It is easy to navigate and features online forms for students, teachers and parents to easily fill out online.

LCSD oversees the operations of several schools from pre-school through to highschool. They aim to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of each student under their guidance in a faith-centred community.

To view the new web design, you can go here: www.lcsd.ca

A New Ecommerce Web Design for the Extinguisher Stick

extinguisher-stick-website-design-ecommerceIn need of a website to market and sell their innovative portable fire extinguishers online, the Extinguisher Stick team reached out to our web designers. The new ecommerce web design for the Extinguisher is now live.

We have developed a custom responsive web design that showcases the many benefits of the nano-particle fire extinguishing technology and how it can be used in various industries. Consumers can easily purchase the fire extinguishers online via their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The Extinguisher Stick is the world’s smallest portable fire extinguisher. It is eco-friendly and requires no annual inspection or maintenance. They can last up to five years without servicing.

To learn more and see the new web design, go here: www.extinguisherstick.com

Valley West Irrigation Is Live on the Web

valley-west-irrigation-website-designHoping to create an online presence for themselves, the team at Valley West Irrigation contacted our web development team. We are happy to announce that their new web design is now live.

Our team created a custom web design that is mobile responsive and showcases the top of the line irrigation products and services provided by Valley West to Saskatchewan farmers. Programmed using a content management system, the website allows for site administrators to easily make updates and edits to the frontend of the website.

Valley West Irrigation aims to build relationships that span generations by providing superior customer service. They adapt new and innovative equipment to serve the needs of their customers’ operations and stay up to date in the areas of evolving farming practices.

To learn more and view the new web design, go here: www.valleywestirrigation.ca

A New & Improved Web Design for AAAF

AAAF-2016-web-design-calgaryLooking to get their website mobile responsive, the Alberta Association of Agricultural Fieldmen contacted our web development team. We are happy to announce that their new mobile-friendly web design is now live.

Working with them in the past to develop an app and their previous web design, our teams collaborated again to create a user friendly web design with greater functionality. This time around, our team incorporated an events component which allows web visitors to register online for the annual ASB Conference from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The AAAF develops, implements and controls programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board (ASB). ASB’s core areas of expertise remain weed control, soil and water resource conservation, and pest management.

To learn more and view the new web design, go here: www.aaaf.ab.ca

Shaping Up a New Web Design FitnessBliss

FitnessBliss-calgary-web-designIn need of a website redesign and app development rebuild, FitnessBliss contacted our team. We are happy to announce that the new and improved frontend design of the website is live!

Our team has trimmed the fat, doing away with the clutter from the previous web design, to give this new incarnation a simplified and clean look. The new web design is mobile responsive and easy to navigate, showing users the benefits of the fitness web application that contains more than 750 exercises to choose from and create routines with.

FitnessBliss lets you target your fitness goals, whether that’s building muscle, getting lean or being a sports performance machine. The web app lets you create and customize routines depending on the equipment you have on hand. The current front end design points to the past backend design, but like we said previously, we’re working on it. The new app will launch shortly and when it does, we’ll be sure to let you know.

To discover more about FitnessBliss and see the new web design, go here: www.fitnessbliss.com

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