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The Blue Ocean Team had the opportunity to redesign and upgrade Winnipeg Executives Association's website. 

Just as their members are leaders and executives, we made sure to give their website the executive treatment! We updated the website to be more attractive for members and future members to want to connect with each other. We added more photos, icons and pops of orange to the site to make it more appealing to the eye. For their home page, we've integrated a "member spotlight" section to highlight their members for that month. Who wouldn't want to be in the spotlight?! We've given this site the latest security and content management systems components.

The Winnipeg Executives Association is the largest and most respected network organization in Winnipeg with over 115 members. An association comprised of decision-makers from Winnipeg's top businesses. Their members have the most rewarding opportunities for networking and building relationships that can last a lifetime. 

Check out the new website here: www.winnipegexecutives.ca


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