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Welcome Calgary’s New Welcome Centre Web Design

calgary-welcome-centre-website-designOur latest web design to launch is for Calgary’s new support centre for refugees and newcomers to Canada called the Welcome Centre. Their team got in touch with us hoping to create a new web design in order to promote their services online. We are happy to say that the new website is now live.

We created a custom web design that showcases the many offerings and services provided by the non-profit organization whose aim is to facilitate a stable integration for those newly living in Canada. We’ve created a custom event calendar so visitors can see what activities are available, in addition to integrating the website with PayPal functionality for those who want to make a donation.

The Welcome Centre welcomes refugees and newcomers from all cultures, providing services and programs to help newcomers successfully transition into their new community. They provide resources to people of all backgrounds through emotional, educative and practical assistance.

To learn more and view the website, you can go here: www.wccalgary.ca

A New Web Design for Calgary’s Cosmos Collision

cosmos-collision-calgary-website-designCosmos Collision Centre contacted our team looking to have their website redesigned. We were totally up to the task and are happy to say that the new web design is live.

We crafted a custom web design, incorporating a video into the landing page to illustrate the beautiful work performed by the Cosmos team. We also assisted with creating content for the website, contributing our writing chops to the project. The site is programmed such that it is mobile responsive and utilizes a CMS.

Cosmos Collision is a family operated, Calgary based, luxury automotive body shop. They restore damaged vehicles with care, expertise and an exacting attention to detail.

To check out the new site, go here: www.cosmoscollision.com

Overhauling the Blue Ridge Excavating Web Design

blueridge-excavating-calgary-website-designHoping to give their website a design overhaul and get it mobile-friendly, the folks at Blue Ridge Excavating got in contact with our team. Their website is now live.

We created a custom web design, incorporating images of the Blue Ridge fleet at work. The site is mobile responsive, displaying on all devices as it should by scaling to size accordingly. We also programmed the site using a content management system that lets the site’s administrator easily make changes to the website.

For over 35 years Blue Ridge Excavating has been serving the needs of Calgary and surrounding area homebuilders and contractors. They specialize in excavation services for residential, commercial and development projects.

To see the new web design, go here: www.blue-ridge.ca

Redesigning the Pelvic Floor Website

drmurphy-pelvicfloor-calgary-website-designIn need of a new website design for his private practice, urogynecology specialist Dr. Murphy contacted our team. We are happy to say that the new web design for Pelvic Floor is now live.

We custom built the website, using Dr. Murphy’s favourite colours in the design. Our team also helped sort out the information architecture, given that the previous website’s content was buried beneath confusing sub sections.  We programmed the website using a content management system which allows Dr. Murphy to easily edit, update and maintain the site.

Dr. Murphy’s private practice, Pelvic Floor, provides courteous and professional care for pelvic floor disorders including: urinary incontinence, prolapse, chronic pelvic pain and pain associated with intercourse. His office is located on Glenmore Trail in Calgary, AB.

To see the full website, you can go here: www.pelvicfloor.com

Meet YYC Storage – Our Latest Web Design Launch

yycstorage-calgary-website-designIt’s hard not to get stoked when an awesome business idea unfolds before you – that’s what happened when we met the fellows from YYC Storage. They were looking to create an on-demand storage and delivery service for Calgarians and needed a web development team to build it. So, we built it :)

Our team custom developed the website, creating a program that allows users to order boxes, schedule pickups and request deliveries of stored items all online via the website. The graphic design crew here, worked on the web design while our super smart programs created a user friendly application that is intuitive and seamless.

YYC Storage is a storage company that saves you time and money. Rather than renting out a full storage locker and then hauling your stuff there, these guys will pick your stuff up for free, make you pay only for the space that you’re using and then deliver your stuff back when you need it.

To learn more and see the new website, go here: www.yycstorage.ca

New Online Platform Connects Homeowners & Skilled Trades - Pro-jekts is Live

projekts-website-design-calgaryMeet Pro-jekts - a new website connecting homeowners with design/build professionals. The Pro-jekts team got in touch with our web development crew looking to build an online platform that provides leads to skilled trades, while also helping consumers find great construction teams for their home improvement projects.

We’ve created a custom built website with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for homeowners to post projects and for contractors to list and market their services. Payments between a homeowner and contractor can easily and securely be made online. It is free for homeowners to use the site and contractors have the opportunity to pay for a premium account which increases their marketing visibility to potential clients.

Pro-jekts is an online task posting service focused on low density residential & small commercial design and construction services. With one post you can now connect with draftsmen for the drawings, engineers for structural changes, builders, electricians and plumbers. For contractors it is a new opportunity for advertising your business and generating leads online.

To learn more, visit the website at: www.pro-jekts.com

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