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ta4joy-2021We had the pleasure of working with such an inspiring person helping her with an easy-to-learn stress-relieving app. The team did tons of research on this app and the industry, we were able to prepare a mobile app campaign strategy for Tap4joy. We developed this campaign to assist Peggy in improving monetization for her app. Would you Tap that? 

TAP FOR JOY helps you return to calm after an upset. It offers instant access to a cutting-edge mind-technology called Eutaptics (Faster EFT tapping), which very quickly restores equanimity following events of stress or trauma.

It is easy to use- it offers a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to TAP FOR JOY so you can return to the “center” when you come up against the hard knocks of life. 

Peggy is an award-winning speaker and author she is an unstoppable advocate for positive living. Peggy has become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, a certified Hakomi psychotherapist, a certified Faster EFT/Eutaptics practitioner, and a rigorous student of trauma resolution and the Diamond Approach.

For more information, visit www.tap4joyapp.com


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