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The Blue Ocean Team managed to take this highly analytical site and put our creative flare on developing Framework's new site! Our designer's created a new logo for them and a brand new colour palette, brightening up the website. We created little cute but professional-looking icons for their homepage and added more photos to the website. For best SEO practice we assisted with their content. We provided Framework with the latest CMS components, allowing speed and flexibility for editing and maintaining content. 

Framework Partners is a team of strategic management consultants who work alongside corporate, public and not-for-profit clients across North America. They bring expertise in adapting to changing markets and economic realities through repositioning, realigning systems and processes, refocusing people, building strong teams and evolving governance processes. Framework consultants have proven experience in their respective fields with excellent facilitation and strong interpersonal skills. Framework brings a blend of diverse expertise that generates broad and innovative thinking.

Check out the new website here: www.fmwk.ca



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