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uniblokcanada -2021

You'll Udderly adore this site! Our returning client, Uniblok Canada requested a full redesign of their website. It was a pleasure to be able to work with this small (Team of 6) but mighty team again. We gave Uniblok a more modern look and feel, and ensured the website was much more user-friendly. Our designers worked to create a brand new logo for Uniblok. They are known for their octagon shape, we incorporated the octagon around their homepage. We added more photos all around the website, photos kindly provided by Ciara Sandum Photography. Not only did we refresh their site, but we also took over their hosting.


Uniblok Canada is located in Rockyford, Alberta, a small farming community of 350 people. Currently run by 6 employees while also operating Superior Feed & Supply (2016) Ltd., they put the same dedication and care into our products as they do their way of life. Uniblok's goal is to produce the highest quality products to aid in a profitable cow/calf herd while maintaining affordability. By sourcing ingredients in their own backyard, Uniblok Canada utilizes feedstuffs produced in Western Canada whenever possible, supporting local farmers and producers. 

Check out the new website here: www.uniblokcanada.com


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