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We plead guilty for updating and developing Bourdon Defence's new website!

The Blue Ocean Team had the honour of redesigning Bourdon Defence's beautiful new site using our latest content management systems, we gave the website a powerful yet approachable feel, giving it a brighter look that best represents her personal brand. Because first impressions are so important as a lawyer, our talented designers created clean and simple icons for the website's homepage making it easy to navigate through the website. Our client provided us with some excellent headshots, we created a slider for the header of the homepage. We not only designed the website, but we are providing Bourdon Defence with our in-house hosting services and website support. 

Danusia Bourdon is one of the best criminal defence lawyers because she cares. Every case is a person’s life – a life with family, friends, and career – to defend. Danusia provides an individualized defence in all her cases because every case is unique. Danusia understands that when you are charged with a criminal offence, it is just you and your lawyer against the State. The State is the police and crown prosecutors – it has infinite resources at its disposal to prosecute you. All you have is your lawyer. If you choose wisely, your lawyer is all you need.  

Check out the new website here: www.bourdondefence.com


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