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The Blue Ocean Team had the privilege to redesign Tornado Tech's new website! We gave their site a more modern and current feel, making it more user-friendly on mobile, desktop and tablets. The beautiful imagery on the site was provided by the client, and we added them all over the site to keep it eye-catching! We created two website variations, one for their Canadian market and one for their USA market. The site was very content-heavy, our team designed the content to target industry professionals looking for education and resources on the engineering principles involved in the design of gas destruction equipment.


Tornado Combustion Technologies is a recognized leader in the design & manufacturing of combustion systems for energy producers and engineering firms worldwide. They work closely with their customers to innovate new products that provide simple and effective solutions. From their flare ignition systems that have been designed to be completely retractable to grade, allowing for easy maintenance and troubleshooting, to their US Coast Guard Certified Detonation Arrestors, they have continued to work diligently to improve reliability and performance.

Check out the new website here: www.tornadotech.com


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