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Free SEO Report (gotta love the domain!) is a new easy-to-use tool (which launches today) that generates in-depth competition research reports based on your keyword.

The tool works a follows:

  • Give the service your keyword and domain you want to rank for.
  • Confirm your registration from within an email message (for first-time users only);
  • Wait for the report to arrive at you email inbox.

Note: the tool will also work if you fill only the keyword field.
That way you can analyze the competition before you even start to build a site!

Free SEO report

Once your report options are created, you will be able to track the report status via the handy dashboard:

Free SEO report

The service compares your SEO efforts against all of the top 10 sites ranking for your keyword in each search engine. The service makes recommendations based on what all your competitors are doing vs what you are doing.

The report is broken into 11 parts:

1. Overview: the summary of top 10 pages ranked on top for your keyword with some essential stats for each:

  • Google pagerank;
  • Backlinks (per Yahoo!)
  • Alexa rank;
  • Domain age.

Free seo report


2. Each web page title;

3. Each web page headings (h1) and sub-headings (h2, h3);

4. Each web page body text analysis;

5. Each web page URL analysis: length and keyword presence;

6. Sitemap and robots meta tags analysis;

7. Each page meta description analysis;

8. Internal linking analysis and suggestions;

9. HTML code analysis;

Free SEO report

10. Images: filenames and “alt” texts;

11. Each page meta keywords: You can get new
keyword ideas by looking at your competitor’s keywords.

You can brand the report with your own company logos leaving no trace of the tool anywhere:

Free SEO report

All in all, I found it a very usable and useful tool: give a try and let me know what you think!

Note: Only the first run is free. After that you only get the overview and a “buy”-button for the whole report.

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