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When considering an online business website, one of the first things to think about is whether you should design your own webpage, or hire a professional designer to engineer your presence on the web. A polished, well-designed web site is an absolute must for a new internet business. The web presence of your business is the first and sometimes only thing a customer sees. A poorly designed website can lose you customers you can't afford to miss.

Though many entrepreneurs are under the impression that they'll save on costs and time if they go with designing their own business site. Often, web design appears to be very easy because there are many types of software on the market which are designed to help you make a website. other ways. However, when the website is finished, the time spent designing and training in web design can cost a business owner more than they bargained for.

Web designer skills are a specialty. Custom web design is not something that can be picked up on the side while doing everything else starting a business requires. The only people who should be doing their own web pages are people who are professional web designers. For them, the web page is an example of their art.

The rest of us need to have an expert helping with web design because creating a web page has a lot more to it than just finding pictures you like or adding information. For example, what are the best buttons to have available on all the pages of your site? How do you want pages to be linked to one another?

A custom web design professional will have experience not just with the visuals of a website but also how to create a website that is easy to navigate and that doesn't have bugs. It would be a terrible thing if a customer came to your website and found something he or she wanted, only to be thwarted in the purchase process by a bad link!

The other thing about a DIY website is that it shouts out "cheap" to your potential customers. The elements on the page don't look quite right and links and buttons are inconsistent. If your website is unprofessional looking, people will assume that you are an unprofessional business person. They might even be afraid to let you have their credit card information because your website doesn't look right.

If you hire a professional web designer, it allows you to do what you do best, which is developing your business, while a web site professional takes care of your site. Your business gets a high quality website, and you don't have to spend hours learning and struggling to create what a full time website designer already knows how to do.

Your company will undoubtably grow much faster equipped with a good, clean, working, professional website. Why would you, a business person, design a website yourself? You probably wouldn't go to an airplane mechanic with a sick cat, or a cow rancher to find a secretary. It is good business sense to allow professionals who specialize in web design to handle a project as critical to the success of your business as your website.

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