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According to last year’s reports more than 60 million people access web through mobile devices in USA. Future forecasting shows that mobile local searches will grow to 35% of all searches by 2013 and in other words mobile internet users will increase to more than 1.7 billion all over the world.

In perspective of above mentioned stats, it’s time to give serious attention by web designers and web developers to enhance their designing and development skills for hand-held devices in order to generate same results for businesses as they were producing from traditional web.

It requires them to think in a new way to design and develop apps for mobile devices. Majority of online businesses require simple sites with a complete business message like conveying branding message, providing most significant information about products and services to keep audiences in touch with business. This post will show you some factors to be considered during design and development for mobile devices by showing some most popular business brands that are expanding their presence towards mobile.

Simple Layout

Due to limited display size and mobile users’ desire to quickly get their required information, mobile web design demands simple layout of overall structure of a website. Designers should place all most important content properly visible to users. But, make sure that everything presented on a screen should be accessible, usable, and readable.




Nike Lab

Sony Bravia


Size and Sequence

OOther main factors that should be considered seriously are the sequence of different elements according to their importance and size of each element on a screen like buttons, logos, boxes, etc.

American Eagle



Lightweight Design

With the limited rendering capabilities of cell phones designers should use lightweight graphics for quick response to user request.


Mail Chimp


Viget Labs

Final Words

According to Google’s CEO “Mobile is GOOGLE’S #1 initiative going forward”. This statement reflects the importance of mobile web design in near future. Regarding this, designers and web developers should enhance their thinking level about web design to face the future challenges.

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