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Why go for an online business that can't generate enough clicks? Net surfers have a habit of clicking on ads. All you need is to bring it in your way. Be innovative for them. Use animated banner ads.

According to a recent survey, usage of animated ads in proper way can enhance click generation by 372% and your online sales can grow at a rate of 64% in sixty days time. It's time to put your business in banners.

With .GIF images banners, it is unbelievably easy to add animated effects. One can add more text and graphics to make it a mini presentation. These .GIF banners create a sense of 'magical reality' on people's mind. But the vital point of using .GIF animated ad is that it can increase the number of clicks.

Another magnificent approach of banner design is Flash animated banner. Flash is extremely creative 2D animation software. And the banner design in flash requires lots of creativity and technical knowledge of designing and scripting language. Advantages of Flash animated advertisement are:

Grabs attention better. Moving graphics always draw our attention easily. Similarly, flash banner grabs the attention of the online users. These ads generate more curiosity among users due to its visual impact and well structured presentation.

Allows users to add more text and graphics content. Compared to other online advertisement forms, flash banners allow advertisers to enter more texts and graphics in a limited web space. Also texts and graphics come one by one, so user can distinguish the messages.

Makes the ad more interactive. It is easier to make interactive ads with flash banners. There are various ways of engaging a site visitor and persuade him to take an action. It can be through forms, labels and 'call to action' buttons. Due to this interactive quality of flash banner, 'click through rates' are much higher for animated banners. Interactivity of flash banners also includes replay option. One can replay a flash banner just like she replays a music or a movie file. That also triggers curiosity of the user and creates fun among them.

How can you get your flash banner design? There are many professional banner designing companies waiting for advertisers to design their professional flash banner ads. The choice of proper banner designing concern is very important, since most of them may not take enough initiative to understand your needs properly. You may get a good design but it may not be professional enough to generate required number of clicks. Check Portfolio pages of banner designing concerns, read if they have any comments from their clients and compare their price. That's the best way to select your right animated flash banner maker!

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