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5 Must Read SEO and Marketing Blogs to Follow

must-read-SEO-marketing-blogsIn the constantly changing SEO environment, staying up to speed on news, updates, and changes can be quite the task. This past year we saw Panda and Penguin updates from Google, in addition to new features being released by AdWords and other search engine pay per click services.

One way to keep up to date with industry news is to follow SEO industry bloggers. However, in this day and age where self-publishing is uber easy, figuring out and filtering out which blogs to follow can be a bit of a crapshoot. 

You want an SEO blog that doesn’t simply cover the latest in SEO news but also takes the time to analyze that news and tell you what that means for your business. We’re talking “how to” articles, guides and tips that you can apply to your own SEO and online marketing campaigns. As such, we’ve compiled a list of what we feel are SEO blogs that consistently deliver and produce top-notch info for small business owners, SEO professionals and those looking to spruce up their personal SEO skills: 

Contributing to the SEO community for the last decade, Moz offers some of the best guides for beginners who want to learn about SEO and social media marketing fundamentals. They also provide in-depth and advanced insight into the technical aspects of SEO, constantly providing tips and tutorials on how any business owner can incorporate these techniques into their own practices. It’s definitely a blog you want to bookmark.

Search Engine Land.
These are the guys who are usually breaking the news about SEO algorithm changes and other important industry updates. They update their blog several times throughout the day and cover an array of topics, ensuring any questions you may have can be answered somewhere in their blog.

Search Engine Journal.
A popular SEO blog, Search Engine Journal delivers SEO news and “how to” posts from a variety of contributors which means constantly fresh perspectives, voices and content. Their in-depth coverage of the SEO community, helpful guides and posts makes them a must read for the SEO newbie and the SEO pro alike.

While not a SEO blog per se, Copyblogger is an extremely awesome resource for those who want to up the online marketing game. They discuss how to attract more traffic to your site through content and how to convert more of that traffic into revenue. This is a definite must for small business owners looking to improve their content writing skills for both online and offline marketing endeavors.

In their words, the HubSpot blog is “your daily dose of inbound”. This blog presents great marketing and sales information from an inbound marketing perspective. Keeping the language simple and in layman terms, they provide SEO advice, web design advice and cover a whole array of topics that any small business owner would benefit from. 

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