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Identify a Phishing Scam Before You Get Hooked

So you know that scam artists are out there casting their net into the world wide web in an effort to catch some poor suck who thinks that they will in fact receive a money transfer if they just send their bank account information.

Most of us are aware that online fraud is a real thing and of course have no desire to be conned by these web savvy criminals. But, as technology progresses, so too have online scams evolved – making it difficult to decipher between what’s legit and what isn’t.

As such, the folks at Digital Guardian have created a great infographic that illustrates how to identify a phishing scam. They make distinctions between the types of phishing scams you may encounter today including, email phishing scams, vishing scams i.e. voice phishing, SMS messaging attacks, and social media phishing.

Take a look and take note below, so that you can identify when a con is happening so that you don’t fall for fake bait.  

How to Recognize Phishing Attacks #Infographic

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