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Social Media Marketing in 2016


Social Media isn’t stopping anytime soon. Leveraging these online networks to market your business is old news, but alas, we still get clients who come in and ask if they ought to be making use of social networks. Our answer generally is “yes, absolutely.” But, we also note that it’s a matter of choosing the social networks that their target audiences engage with already and also, making a commitment to remain active on these platforms.  

The numbers of users signing up for social media accounts are only increasing. In the following infographic by Market Inspector, they total world wide social media users at 2.3 billion people. Apparently, on average internet users have five social media accounts and actively participate in three of the five on a regular basis. If your business targets millennials (the 16-24 age range), these users actually possess on average 6-7 social accounts, being active on an average of 4 social platforms.

A marketer’s work is never done in this world with multiple social media platforms to choose from, post to, and pay for ad space within. So, what do the numbers look like for the current state of social media marketing in 2016?

Well, here you go: 

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