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Here’s Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog


Blogging may seem trendy to you or you may think you missed the band wagon, it’s heydays are over and it’s on it’s way out. Whatever camp you happen to be in, we’re here to tell you that maintaining a blog on your business website is essential for building credibility, boosting your SEO, and essentially generating more leads. Who doesn’t want more business? Whether you have a blog that has been left unattended or don’t have a blog and need that extra push to start one, our aim is to motivate you to get going and keep it going.

Here’s why your business should have a blog:

Blogging Boosts Your SEO

Google values the production and publication of fresh content. When you are producing new material and updating your site, the Googlebots visit more frequently to see what’s happening and index the information for their search engine. You stay on a Google’s radar in a positive way.  

This in turn, gives you the opportunity to achieve better rankings in the search engines results pages i.e. boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, the more blog posts you have also means the greater the likelihood of you appearing in search results when a given query matches something you’ve posted about. Each new blog post presents you with an opportunity to generate more backlinks and rank for additional keywords.

This is where keyword research and knowing your audience comes in. You want to create blog posts that provide your potential customers with the information they seek. That means knowing who they are, what types of things they are interested in and providing answers to questions they are most likely to ask. It’s about anticipating needs and being there to help when they seek out that knowledge.

Blogging Showcases Your Brilliance

Blogging is a useful way to display your expertise and share your unique industry or niche topic perspective and knowledge. Chances are you know more about a given topic than others and that’s why you’re in business. As such, you should harness what you know and use a blog to showcase and share your brilliance with others who may be looking for some insider tips and tricks. By writing about the things you know, you provide additional value to your customers and a blog post that addresses a potential client’s given query may be the differentiating factor that causes them to choose you over a competitor.  

Blogging Helps Build Credibility

In a survey conducted by jeffbullas.com, 68.52% of participants confirmed that a blog in itself can add credibility to a website. The fact that you willingly publish your unique knowledge demonstrates not only your expertise but your willingness to provide help when it is needed.  In an age where we are saturated with online marketing messages, blogging provides some welcome relief insofar as it is not a sales pitch, but instead, a sharing of information. That is what Google values and this is what most people value. By establishing a source for people to visit and gain information, you create trust between you and your web visitors. They can look to you when they are in a bind and rest assured that you’ve published the information that they’re looking for.

Blogging Creates More Leads

Because of it’s ability to boost your SEO efforts and the increased likelihood that you’ll appear in search engine results, blogging exposes you to a greater audience. This in turn results in more leads for your business. In fact, here are some interesting facts from Kapost regarding blogging and lead generation:

  • Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.
  • Blogs give websites 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links.
  • Blogs on company sites result in 55 percent more visitors.
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those that do not blog.


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