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5 Must Follow Web Design Blogs

In this age of information overload sifting through the internet can feel like a chore, especially when you’re trying to source something in particular. It’s taxing on the eyes and on one’s patience to search endlessly to no avail. As a web design and marketing firm, we spend all day on our computers – the coders write code to make web pages, the designers sort through images and fonts, the writers, source content.  Thus, we are constantly connected to the web in some way.

In an effort to alleviate you from the task of trying to find the best web design blogs to follow, we’ve made a list. A list of the top 5 must follow web design blogs that provide learning resources, inspiration, ideas and tutorials regarding all things web design. Your search ends here. Here they are:

Smashing Magazine


The folks at Smashing Magazine have created a well structured site that allows you to access topics of your choosing easily. It is a blog devoted to web designers and developers. Categorizing their blog posts under the main headings of coding, design, mobile, graphics and UX design, there are also links to relevant sub categories for example; coding contains the sub heads of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Techniques. You can get a daily dose of inspiration, under the Design heading or learn about recent research findings to improve the user experience for your web visitors.

Web Designer Depot


This web design blog is an awesome resource for web designers. It’s your one stop shop for how to tutorials, funny comics, contests, branding, marketing, code demos, and more. They provide Photoshop tutorials, web development tools, free icons, they’ve got a “freebies” section! If you want free fonts and to keep up to date with the latest in web design news, this website is one you should definitely bookmark.

Creative Bloq


Creative Bloq is a wonderful blog about all things art and design. They publish frequently about web design, graphic design, digital art and typography. They have a section devoted to how-to’s that cover topics like “How to create animations that scale for all devices” and “How to paint an urban sci-fi character” using Photoshop.



Catering to the needs of the web design and development community SitePoint offers tutorials, courses and books on app development, responsive web design, CSS, PHP and more. The free account allows you access to tutorials that are posted every week and there are quite a few videos to assist you with your web designing game.

Design Taxi


DesignTaxi is a wonderful collection of interesting articles to get your creative juices flowing. They really cover the whole gamut from photography, graphic design, creativity, product design, and even food. This is not really a web design blog per se but it is a great site to gain insight. Sometimes the best thing to do when working on a project is to just walk away and wander elsewhere to allow your brain to reset. This site is the perfect place to do just that. It does contain tutorials that are useful for creatives, helping them out with productivity hacks and efficiency tips. Definitely check it out. 

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