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WordPress-website-designJoomla vs. WordPress

We are often asked by clients what’s the difference between Joomla and WordPress. In truth, both are wonderful CMS’s that have the power to create dynamic websites.

First off, you may be wondering what a CMS is. A content management system (CMS) is software that allows for publishing, editing and modifying content via a central interface, i.e. it manages your website’s content.

We rock Joomla because it is more flexible, allowing us the ability to customize your website just as you wish. Joomla is great for businesses looking to set up an ecommerce store or need several components to run simultaneously. With WordPress, their templates are more “locked down” which makes it difficult to alter elements to appear just as you want.

WordPress was designed and created for blog sites specifically - which is precisely what it excels at. However, if you’re looking for a site that can do more tricks – Joomla’s the way to go. And well, if you’re hiring a web designer to build your website – chances are you were looking for something more complex than simply a site to blog from.

Both are open-source platforms which mean they are continually being improved to support new internet technologies. Basic functions can be enhanced indefinitely with add-ons (i.e. plugins and extensions) that are contributed from both user communities all the time. Both platforms have passionate and dedicated developer and user communities who readily provide support through forums and resources posted on the web.

If it is a matter of judging a book by its cover, WordPress’s interface on the onset appears more “user-friendly.” The fonts are bigger, the fact that options are aligned to the left, feels more intuitive for users. This is probably why newbies create blogs from this site quickly and easily.

Joomla’s interface is no different – options just happen to run along the top.  And, with some simple training, anyone is able to manage their website’s content easily from this interface. We empower our clients by giving them the training to easily change whatever they’d like to within their websites and navigate through Joomla’s interface with no fear.

For a visual representation of the differences between the two have a look at this infographic by Red Giant

 WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design

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