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mobile-friendly-website-post-mobilegeddonThe term “Mobilegeddon” was coined to denote Google’s algorithmic change to mobile search results and the impact that would have on non-mobile friendly websites. Google implemented the change to its algorithm April 21st and the media jumped on it – warning those that had yet to hear of it – that they better get on the mobile friendly train. You can read the CBC’s article here.

Basically, if you’re website failed to be mobile-friendly by April 21st, 2015 Google’s mobile search rankings would penalize you – burying your website further down its search rankings.

A mobile friendly site is essentially a website optimized for reading on one’s smart phone. The design makes it easier for users to scroll down to read, rather than having to zoom in on screens, moving things left to right and what not. But! The point here is not to reiterate that mobilegeddon has come and your website is left in the dust if you missed the memo.

The point is that mobile searches are on the rise in Canada. That if you have yet to be mobile-ready, you are missing out on the vast market of potential customers using their smart phones to research, find and locate whatever service or product you provide. 41% of mobile searches are goal-oriented according to Google Canada who commissioned Nielsen to conduct the research.

If you have yet to get your website up to speed, contact our team and we can get to work on redesigning your website so that it’s mobile-friendly.

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