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Andrew Brash | Climb. Speak. Inspire.
Web Developers, Web Candy Design, is proud to announce the launch of Andrew Brash’s latest site redesign, bringing a new and fresh look to his web presence. Andrew looked to Web Candy to start from scratch on a website that he would be proud of. The site will be used to complement Andrew Brash’s business and help reach out to other clients who might be looking to hire Andrew to share his inspiring story. Web Candy took Andrew’s vision of reaching out to people through his inspiring message, and built his website focusing on the visual, showing image of Andrew’s many accomplishments. The site was designed to allowing Andrew the ability to edit and update his content through a Content Management System (CMS), post images easily to the site gallery, and integrate the website to allow clients to easily contact Andrew.

About Andrew Brash and his Goals for the Future

Andrew Brash is a Calgary climber and teacher who has been following his passion for climbing and adventure for over twenty years. He’s traveled and climbed in some of the most impressive mountain environments the world has to offer, including mountains in Tibet, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Alaska, Chile and Nepal.

In May of 2006, Andrew took the final step towards his life-long goal of climbing Mount Everest. Andrew and his team called off their final ascent to assist an Australian climber, Lincoln Hall. Find out more about his amazing, and inspirational story at andrewbrash.com.

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