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Snamprogetti Canada Inc. | Leader in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects
We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to Web Candy’s portfolio, Snamprogetti Canada. Snamprogetti Canada Inc., a sister company of Saipem, is a leader in turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects with a particular focus in the Oil and Gas industry. They operate as contractors for the design and implementation of large-sized projects such as refinery and gas plants, chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer plants, onshore pipeline systems, infrastructures, power and environmental plants.

Snamprogetti Canada Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but has operations stationed around the world in over 100 countries including the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and across Asia. With a diverse range of industry professionals and the latest technology at their disposal Snamprogetti Canada Inc. has the skills and resources to provide services and management worldwide.

The new website Web Candy built for Snamprogetti Canada was built inside a Content Management System, to allow for site administration by their internal employees. Snamprogetti also had requests toward the overall functionality of the site, allowing them to give new visitors a one-stop shop for the information they’re looking for.

Site Re-Build

Moving forward with the design and identity Snamprogetti had very specific desires in regards to the ‘look and feel’ of the website. Snamprogetti wanted to follow the corporate identity of their parent company Saipem, while creating a design to reflect their own individuality within their corporate family.

Web Candy took these specifications and built a new website from the ground up. Web Candy took the available content from Saipem’s corporate publications, wrote and re-wrote each section to reflect the information and corporate policies under Snamprogetti.

Job Bank

Snamprogetti Canada hires hundreds of employees, worldwide, over the course of the year. They’re spending money and administrative hours on managing external job bank sites like Workopolis and Monster.ca (just to name a few). One of the biggest needs Snamprogetti had for this new and improved website was the ability to post jobs, and easily administer them internally. Web Candy took these specifications designed a custom job bank tool, allowing internal administrators to post, edit, and remove job postings directly from the Snamprogetti website. It allows users coming to the website to submit and upload their resumes for a Snamprogetti job posting.

Resume Database

Resume submissions is only as good as the ability to manage and sort through them. With Snamprogetti receiving thousands of resumes a year, on hundreds of job postings, they needed a system in place to sort and filter through them fast. Enter Web Candy. We build a custom search tool, allowing the users to search through potential resumes based off of keywords based in the jobs requirements; allowing the user to easily match the appropriate job with the best possible candidate available.

These are just a few of the featured tools, out of the whole; Web Candy has used to build this latest website addition to our online portfolio.

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