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When VA Brown asked us to update her site, we said account us in!

We were able to deliver a very quick turnaround for this site, we took her existing site and migrated it over to a new base and page builder, we used her general layout and design but just gave it a new modern look and feel. Of course, integrating the latest security and CMS components as well! As well as migrating her website over, we developed a new sleek logo with an earthy feel, and we must say it looks great! 

VA Brown helps clients with the necessities of tax compliance. It can be frustrating and confusing navigating the rules and regulations set by the CRA regarding corporate, payroll and sales taxes. However, for a business owner, tax compliance is a requirement of running the business, equal to understanding revenue, expense and profitability. Businesses that engage their services not only comply with current tax obligations but have the information necessary to plan for the next year or two of tax payments.

Check out the new website here: www.vabrown.ca



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