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In the words of Maroon 5, "I need that sweetness in my life, sugar! Yes please!"

The Blue Ocean team was very excited to take on this very cute website for Sucre Body Sugaring Boutique. With their goal to educate clients on what sugaring is vs waxing, we made sure to make education In Your Face, with cute graphics showing step by step how natural their hair removal product is. We provided Sucre with the latest CMS (content management systems) components and optimized their site for all platforms such as mobile, computer or tablets. To ensure clients understood their cancellation policies, our designers made it very clear, with pop-ups reminding clients of their policies. Our content team assisted with the writing of their pages that works best with SEO practices as well as providing Sucre with their first two blogs prior to launch. 

Sucre Body Sugaring is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional service and technical excellence for hair removal. Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal treatment that uses a combination of natural sugar, lemon and water to remove hair without pulling at the skin. Sucré feels that if more people knew about the sugaring method, they too would fall in love with this gentle process of extraction. Learn more about their techniques and the history of sugaring.

Check out the new website here: www.sucrebodysugaring.com



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