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We're so excited to present Arrow Geothermal's website to you! The Blue Ocean team gave them the full package, a new logo and a branding package. Our designers did an amazing job developing a brand new site for Arrow with custom interactive header graphics. Click away, it's really cool! To keep all their material modern and up-to-date we reworked all their business materials, created brand new PowerPoint presentations and helped update their business plan to align with their new branding. To help them get noticed, we reworked all their copy on the site to align with best SEO practices.


Arrow Geothermal is an established geothermal energy company located in Calgary, Alberta, that has developed novel drilling and completion technologies to exploit the potential of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) up to 400°C globally.

The mission of Arrow Geothermal is to exploit the potential of Hot Dry Rock (HDR) globally. HDR contains enough energy to supply electricity for the entire world. The key to exploiting HDR technology to drill and produce the hottest horizontal geothermal wells in the world.

For more information, visit: www.arrowgeothermal.com


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