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wildy-enterprises-2021One of the most unique companies that we worked on, it is out of this world! 

The team helped Wildy Enterprises with a full branding refresh, including logo refinement. We helped revise all of their copy and content based on the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. For their "About Us" page our talented developers created a custom timeline for their company. Visually a very stunning site, we focused on their unique skill-set of remote engineering and remote locations.

Wildy Enterprises is a Canadian-owned and privately held organization based out of the greater Calgary area of Alberta, Canada. They are an engineering consulting and general contracting firm that provides high-quality engineering, site logistics and O&M support to individuals and firms in remote locations.

Since 2016, Wildy Enterprises has participated in the Go Canada program as a contractor to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Wildy is pleased to support this program as well as building operations and maintenance services to other related institutions.

For more information, visit www.wildyenterprises.com


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