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order-my-windows-2021The Blue Ocean team took this overly complicated website and turned it into a concise and clean design. It is CLEAR how happy the client was.

The Blue Ocean team designed the Order My Windows website to present a clear message with an easy call to action. Their previous ordering process was difficult and confusing to navigate. We've taken it and simplified it into four easy steps, making it more user-friendly for online shoppers. We also connected the branding to its parent company Trusted Windows & Doors and tied the two businesses together.

A division of Trusted Window and Door Services, Order My Windows has over 13 years of experience. Think of them as Canada's trusted window brokers. They act on behalf of contractors, developers and homeowners to source the perfect windows and doors at great prices for any project in 4 simple steps.

  1. Determine your needs
  2. Finding the product
  3. Reviewing quotes
  4. Delivery

For more information visit www.ordermywindows.ca


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