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realm-games-and-toys-2021Your friendly neighbourhood web developers here! Bringing you a fresh new look on the Realm Games and Toys website.

The Blue Ocean team had a lot of fun with this, we tapped into our inner pop culture nerds and made massive improvements on visuals for Realm Game's navigation and menu bar. We were able to create a more user-friendly site for a smoother experience in online shopping by replacing their outdated Magento store. Our amazing designers improved on product display and ease of functionality. With an all-new refresh on their product descriptions, even a noob will keep up with the store. Last but never least your friendly neighbourhood web developers updated the site with the latest CMS components and security updates. 

Do you like comics, games, trading cards and everything pop culture? Realm Games and Toys has it all. From apparel and accessories to your favourite sports cards. With an all-new way to online shop, it's easy to pick up whatever booster packs you need to finish your collections. Catch up on the latest comic series, browse their wide selection of all things Marvel, DC and more!

For more information visit www.realmgamesandtoys.com


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