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bancroft-washing-2021Launching new websites for entrepreneurs entering Calgary's small business sector are projects we love taking on. Our team at Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing worked closely with the founder of bancroftwashing.com to develop a brand and logo that is simple and modern. The website features carefully customized graphics and spruced up content that offers a pleasant experience for web goers. We can hardly wait for our spring photoshoot with the Bancroft Washing team to capture branded imagery they can use to promote their budding business across all platforms. The new website is also mobile-friendly thanks to the latest build of our customized content management system along with the most up-to-date components available. 

Bancroft Washing is a Calgary-based full-service residential, commercial, and industrial washing business that will put the sparkle back into your surroundings.

Bancroft believes in delivering exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond its client's expectations. Their full-service approach provides a personable and modern experience that revitalizes exterior and interior surfaces in an environmentally friendly manner.

Check out the new website here: bancroftwashing.com


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