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custom-learning-systems-2020We are happy to introduce a full digital transformation to customlearning.com! The Blue Ocean team worked closely with key people at Custom Learning Systems to develop a content-heavy website that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and on-brand. We were able to showcase the Healthcare Engagement Experts by incorporating a major CMS and page building component upgrades that offer a friendlier user interface and mobile experience for site visitors.

Custom Learning Systems was founded in 1984 by internationally acclaimed and bestselling author Brian Lee, CSP. Brian is known as "Healthcare's Engagement Expert." CLS's mission is to create a world-class patient experience, staff engagement and physician satisfaction. 


In 1987, while collaborating with the leadership team at St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach, California, Brian had an epiphany about the power and impact of training frontline staff to teach their peers. Brian was convinced that an innovative approach was needed to improve customer service in healthcare. Real organizational change had to be centred around engaging and transforming frontline and management staff.

Check out their new website here: customlearning.com


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