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Chronicle-Coffee-Roasters-2020Although this may not be your typical 'love story,' our team at Blue Ocean was happy to help a family-owned and operated business share their heartfelt journey through a new website and online store. We worked closely with Chronicle Specialty Coffee Roasters on a custom design that is elegantly understated and full of passion. Much like Chronicle's mission to craft the "perfect balance" in their products, we also strive to design e-commerce solutions that deliver a balanced and user-friendly experience.

"Coffee is not just a drink, it is a love story from the fruit to cup, bringing the best of what our farmers offer is not just a business, but a passion." Roastmaster - Karl Ward

As a family-owned and operated business, Chronicle was founded in twenty-sixteen. The father and son duo recognized that coffee is the new wine, and have been passionately embracing the specialty coffee movement ever since. Chronicle Specialty Coffee Roasters takes pride in their work, and have travelled to many new destinations to create responsible and sustainable relationships for their products.

Visit the new website here:chroniclecoffee.ca


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