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Cherry's on Whyte | Bringing Crocs to Canada
with their all-new their online store
Web Developers, Web Candy Design, brings Cherry’s on Whyte’s new online store, where Cherry’s brings Crocs to the online market. Cherry’s came to Web Candy to build their online marketplace to sell their shoes online. They wanted to allow customers outside of their brick-and-mortar stores to order Crocs through their store, make up-to-date changes to the website, and have the site track sales and promotions Cherry’s posts to the website. These requirements came together to build a all-new web presence geared toward customers, allowing them a user-friendly, secure place to buy one of the most popular pieces of footwork available today.

Cherry’s has become one of the main sellers and distributors of Crocs in Alberta through their physical locations, both in Edmonton and recently in Calgary, and looks to be the largest distributor in Canada through this new medium.

About Cherry’s on Whyte

Cherry’s began its roots with a small shop in Edmonton, exclusively distributing Crocs through their brick-and-mortar location. Looking to expand, they took up a location in the heart of 17th Avenue in Calgary on the Red Mile. Since Crocs original launch they’ve worked to bring their infamous comfort to a new line of stylish design. Cherry’s on Whyte has worked hard to bring the comfortable Crocs you know, and the latest Crocs designs you may not. See exactly what it is that makes Cherry’s and Crocs wonderful and unique at: buycrocsonlinecanada.com 

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