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Calgary website design and marketing firm, Web Candy Design, is happy to announce the launch of a new alternative clothing e-commerce store - Skarlytte Clothing. The owner of Skarlytte Clothing wanted to create an online store that would engage the user with a eye-catching design that supported the 'Alternative' style of clothing and accessories that is offered within the store. Working with Web Candy, Skarlytte Clothing was pleased with the look and feel of the store along with a customized graphic header component that displays the latest advertisements and fashions that Skarlytte has to offer and can be updated anytime/anywhere.

Skarlytte Clothing is the best alternative for Canadian women! Owned and Operated by Mandy Grier, she has created this company for women like her - unique, creative Canadians who want good-quality subcultural brands for reasonable prices. She has always been an avid shopper, but found it hard to find Canadian websites that offer the kind of clothes she loves - alternative, Goth, punk, rockabilly, tattoo - and the few storefronts she found in Canada have really jacked-up prices. So she decided to change that and Skarlytte Clothing was born.

Take a moment and look at the new website at: http://www.skarlytteclothing.com


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