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Web Candy is pleased to announce a resounding success story for another online reputation management campaign. A client had come to us concerned about some negative press that was featured very prominently in Google whenever someone searched for their name. A concerted campaign by Web Candy utilized our tactical knowledge of the internet, article dissemination, link building, Google response and search engine optimization to create a number of online assets which together worked to remove the negative press from its prominent location. Our success in this campaign means the site holding the negative comments are not only not in the first two results when someone searches for our client’s name, but also that the negative press is no longer even featured on the first page.

The success of this campaign demonstrates again that Web Candy’s online reputation management can even tackle negative press from sources as trusted as Calgary’s two major online newspapers. 

The success will also help our client realize better business relationships with those potential clients who do some preliminary online searches first before doing business.

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