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Web Candy is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD). AIDD wanted a totally new website to showcase their legal offerings and they wanted to work with a Calgary web design company with a proven track record of making high impact websites geared towards traffic conversions and high return on investment. AIDD also wanted a website built with strong search engine optimization principles – something at which Web Candy has demonstrated exceptional abilities. Our web development services were also needed to make this new website a content management system so that AIDD can manage their own content and website with new articles and with edits to reflect their business needs. With Web Candy’s strong portfolio and innumerable pleased clients we were a natural choice of web design companies for AIDD to work with.

Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD) are criminal defence lawyers who specialize in impaired driving law. Impaired driving (DUI) law is a very particular subset of Canadian criminal law and AIDD provides lawyers who are trained and specialize in defending impaired driving charges. Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD) only defends impaired driving and related offences; they are skilled and knowledgeable in all defences available to people who need their legal services and they will fight for the rights of their client every step of the way.

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