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Calgary web development company Web Candy is proud to announce the launch of a new website for an Ontario Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) provider: Canada Health & Dental Direct. Given Web Candy’s experience with developing enterprise content management systems along with our proven expertise in planning sites to launch with incredibly strong search engine optimization (essential if you want your business to have exposure in highly competitive markets), we were a natural web development company choice for Olympia Benefits – parent company of Canada Health & Dental Direct. Web Candy has developed content management system solutions for clients as diverse as governments to large oil and gas companies and has proven itself to be web development leaders in Calgary. We couple our sites’ programming with standout design – our websites are always impeccably designed to offer a design that is fresh and unique and aids user experience and functionality.

Canada Health & Dental Direct, by Olympia Benefits, introduces to the Ontario market the direct-to-user Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). By working directly with Canada Health & Dental Direct and cutting out expensive third party brokers and sign up fees, small business owners in Canada are able to get affordable quality health and dental care plans that are proven to save money. The coverage offered by a Canada Health & Dental Direct PHSP is very comprehensive and includes Dental Services, Vision Care, Prescription Drugs coverage, Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy as well as helping with premiums paid for other health and dental plans. The savings offered by using a Canada Health and Dental Direct PHSP are significant. For more information on the Ontario Private Health Service Plans (PHSP) offered by Canada Health & Dental Direct, please visit their website now:


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