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Web Candy is launching a SEM markeing campaign for SingleCup.ca - using Google Adwords effectively is a skill that Web Candy Design has mastered and together with SingleCup.ca will drive additional web traffic to their site.

The expanding success of the innovative company Keurig in Canada, coupled with SingleCup.ca's formidable stock of K-Cups along with their low ceiling free shipping limit gives SingleCup.ca a competitive advantage that we are sure will lead to a wildly successful website. Web Candy has been pleased to work with the Coffee Connection to give them a custom E-commerce web site to help define the online home K-Cup market in Canada. This E-commerce website features custom web development, SEO copywriting, and innovative custom design. Web Candy is pleased not only to help Coffee Connection achieve even greater success in their market but also to help provide Canadian coffee lovers with the type of quality product provided by SingleCup.ca.

Visit this exciting new online presence at: http://www.singlecup.ca/

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