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New Print Marketing Campaign Launches

Calgary design firm, Web Candy, is pleased to announce the launch of a new print marketing campaign for The Reading Foundation.  The Reading Foundation had previously entrusted Web Candy with a web development that saw their website be converted into an easily managed Content Management System (CMS).   Pleased with the outcome of the web development project and with Web Candy’s portfolio of print design, The Reading Foundation realized we were a practical and natural solution for their graphic design and print needs.  These two new brochures serve two purposes – one serves as outreach to existing clients to inform them of new programs and offerings. The purpose of the other brochure is to inform potential clients of The Reading Foundation’s services and very impressive track record.

The Reading Foundation is a private clinic (with offices in Calgary and Vancouver) that provides the diagnosis and treatment of difficulties in reading and spelling, math, comprehension, and written language that affect children, adolescents and adults.  Their intervention programs are unique, dynamic and powerful. The programs offer new hope, even to people who have long-standing and serious reading and math problems and who have not responded to other methods.

To learn more about the Reading Foundation, visit their website: http://www.readingfoundation.com/

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Denture Clinic Site launched for Red Deer Business

Calgary web design company, Web Candy, is pleased to announce the launching of a new website for a major Red Deer denture clinic, South Hill Denture Lab & Clinic. When South Hill Denture Lab & Clinic needed a website with a clean design that was able to highlight their many offerings, Web Candy was a logical web design company for them to turn to. The site uses Adobe Flash to cycle through site ads, items of interest and promotions all of which are important to the site's viewers. The site features a clean and easy to navigate design that we are sure will help Red Deer's South Hill Denture Lab & Clinic with customer outreach and new customer generation.

South Hill Denture Lab & Clinic is Red Deer's premiere choice for dentures in Red Deer and surrounding areas. They give personalized service and do all work right in their own facility. Their success is based on their goal to provide consistent customer satisfaction and that this is achieved with careful listening and clear communication. For more information about their Red Deer denture clinic services, visit their website at http://www.southhilldentureclinic.com/

Launch of Yet Another High Quality E-commerce Website: Sky Earth Chi

Calgary web design company, Web Candy, is proud to announce the launch of a new e-commerce website, http://skyearthchi.com . When this Calgary feng shui company needed an e-commerce website to showcase their unique collection of items they chose Web Candy to develop and design their e-commerce website. Of any company in Calgary offering e-commerce solutions, Web Candy was the natural choice given their proven expertise in building and developing successful e-commerce websites. Web Candy's e-commerce sites are visually interesting, laid out with sales in mind and intuitive to the shopper. The decision to use Web Candy to develop their online store was also more easily made knowing their e-commerce websites feature well developed back ends as well to aid merchants in tracking all aspects of sales transactions from orders to shipping as well as all aspects of reporting.

Sky Earth Chi is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They specialize in the traditional feng shui methods of Xuan Kong Feng Shui (the Flying Star Feng Shui System) and Bagua Feng Shui (the Eight Mansions Feng Shui System) for harmonizing the energies of your home. Visit their website today to see their unique and beautiful store items.


Launch of Website for Sound Masking System - SoundMaskIt

Web Candy has launched SoundMaskIt.com – a site devoted to a revolutionary sound masking device as well as the sound masking experts behind it at Vibra-Sonic.  When Vibra-Sonic Control needed a well designed site to feature their SoundMaskIt sound masking product they turned to Calgary web design leaders – Web Candy. The site incorporates Adobe Flash which showcases the SoundMaskIt system while utilizing a cohesive and attractive design that complements that used throughout the website. The site is informative and attractive and we believe it will help showcase not only this innovative product but also the experienced sound masking company behind it.

Vibra-Sonic was established to provide cost effective solutions to noise and vibration problems, specifically for the commercial, institutional, industrial and marine markets. The company is unique in North America, having the product and the expertise to address noise and vibration control issues across the board. As needed, the knowledge and experience of its many national and international suppliers and manufacturers is drawn upon, each with their own engineers who specialize in very specific areas of noise or vibration control. Vibra-Sonic Control is also Canada’s most knowledgeable supplier of seismic restraint for resiliently mounted systems.


Launch of new Calgary E-commerce Website

Calgary web design firm, Web Candy, is proud to announce the launch of a new e-commerce site, backtobasicsrawpetfood.com.  When this Calgary company needed a comprehensive e-commerce solution, they chose Web Candy to build and design their new online store. The first step was creating a classy web design that worked with their branding ideas. The final result is a fun and informative online store that we feel will strongly help them boost their sales in Calgary and the city’s outlying areas.

Back to Basics Raw Pet Food is a company that has made it their goal to provide affordable home made dog and cat foods to pet owners in Calgary. With recent studies showing the benefits of raw pet food, the demand for their products has been dramatically growing. They offer different raw meaty bone varieties as well as full ground meals for dogs or cats which cannot eat raw meaty bones. Their raw dog and cat food are all made of human grade ingredients. The meat comes from local Alberta farmers and the fruit and vegetables used also come from local grocers. Any supplements used are made for human consumption. For more information on this Calgary raw pet food company, please visit their new ecommerce website.


Calgary raw pet food

New Web Development & E-commerce Launch

Web Candy is pleased to announce the launch of a new website project and online community. When Power Completion 90 needed strong web development and custom programming, they turned to Calgary web development experts, Web Candy. We worked with their vision to create a comprehensive site that delivers unique content, daily-based content including videos and dynamic content as well as a  comprehensive online forum designed to accommodate a vast community. The project involves Flash programming, web development and incorporates an E-Commerce element.

Power Completion 90 is home of the 90 Day Challenge – custom made to be the most personal, comprehensive and effective on-line resource available. Power Completion 90’s goal is to inspire its community to empower themselves to create a richer life that is more attuned to the user’s inner potential. If you are not completely sure of your purpose, dream or what you want, Power Completion 90 will guide you to discover the answers to these questions through a series of proven coaching techniques and deep reflection.  For more information, visit their website at:


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