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Cherry’s on Whyte Brings Crocs to the Online Marketplace

Cherry's on Whyte | Bringing Crocs to Canada
with their all-new their online store
Web Developers, Web Candy Design, brings Cherry’s on Whyte’s new online store, where Cherry’s brings Crocs to the online market. Cherry’s came to Web Candy to build their online marketplace to sell their shoes online. They wanted to allow customers outside of their brick-and-mortar stores to order Crocs through their store, make up-to-date changes to the website, and have the site track sales and promotions Cherry’s posts to the website. These requirements came together to build a all-new web presence geared toward customers, allowing them a user-friendly, secure place to buy one of the most popular pieces of footwork available today.

Cherry’s has become one of the main sellers and distributors of Crocs in Alberta through their physical locations, both in Edmonton and recently in Calgary, and looks to be the largest distributor in Canada through this new medium.

About Cherry’s on Whyte

Cherry’s began its roots with a small shop in Edmonton, exclusively distributing Crocs through their brick-and-mortar location. Looking to expand, they took up a location in the heart of 17th Avenue in Calgary on the Red Mile. Since Crocs original launch they’ve worked to bring their infamous comfort to a new line of stylish design. Cherry’s on Whyte has worked hard to bring the comfortable Crocs you know, and the latest Crocs designs you may not. See exactly what it is that makes Cherry’s and Crocs wonderful and unique at: buycrocsonlinecanada.com 

Climbing, Speaking, and Inspiring people around the world

Andrew Brash | Climb. Speak. Inspire.
Web Developers, Web Candy Design, is proud to announce the launch of Andrew Brash’s latest site redesign, bringing a new and fresh look to his web presence. Andrew looked to Web Candy to start from scratch on a website that he would be proud of. The site will be used to complement Andrew Brash’s business and help reach out to other clients who might be looking to hire Andrew to share his inspiring story. Web Candy took Andrew’s vision of reaching out to people through his inspiring message, and built his website focusing on the visual, showing image of Andrew’s many accomplishments. The site was designed to allowing Andrew the ability to edit and update his content through a Content Management System (CMS), post images easily to the site gallery, and integrate the website to allow clients to easily contact Andrew.

About Andrew Brash and his Goals for the Future

Andrew Brash is a Calgary climber and teacher who has been following his passion for climbing and adventure for over twenty years. He’s traveled and climbed in some of the most impressive mountain environments the world has to offer, including mountains in Tibet, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Alaska, Chile and Nepal.

In May of 2006, Andrew took the final step towards his life-long goal of climbing Mount Everest. Andrew and his team called off their final ascent to assist an Australian climber, Lincoln Hall. Find out more about his amazing, and inspirational story at andrewbrash.com.

Web Candy presents the launch of Eagle Lake Landscaping

Web Developers, Web Candy Design, based in Calgary, Alberta, presents Eagle Lake Landscaping Supply the newest addition to our online website portfolio. Eagle Lake Landscaping looked to revamp and update their online presence. With the help of the clients input, determining the end goal of the website, Web Candy moved forward to create a new and improved website design. From the sitemap structure to the overall look and design of the website has been implemented. Allowing the customers to easily find what they want through the restructured navigation. The site design was built in line with their corporate identity, giving them a site design and colour scheme that complements the business identity.

About Eagle Lake Landscaping

Eagle Lake Landscape Supply provides all landscape material for the Landscape Contractor and the serious Do It Yourself (DIY) customer. Eagle Lake Landscape Supply is located in SE Calgary in close proximity to the new extension of Stoney Trail. Our landscape supply yard covers over 4 acres, and combined with our 6,000 square foot building they offer a “one stop shopping” solution for their customers. Their products include black top soil (The Big Yellow Bag), bark mulch, cedar mulch, rundle stone, aggregate, gravel, grass seed, turf, and much more.

With same day delivery for orders placed before 11am and professional on time delivery, ordering what you need from Eagle Lake Landscaping will never be an easier and uplifting experience. Find out more today on their website at eaglelakelandscaping.com.

Snamprogetti Canada Inc. Launches Their All-New Website (www.snamprogetti.ca)

Snamprogetti Canada Inc. | Leader in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects
We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to Web Candy’s portfolio, Snamprogetti Canada. Snamprogetti Canada Inc., a sister company of Saipem, is a leader in turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects with a particular focus in the Oil and Gas industry. They operate as contractors for the design and implementation of large-sized projects such as refinery and gas plants, chemical, petrochemical, and fertilizer plants, onshore pipeline systems, infrastructures, power and environmental plants.

Snamprogetti Canada Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but has operations stationed around the world in over 100 countries including the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and across Asia. With a diverse range of industry professionals and the latest technology at their disposal Snamprogetti Canada Inc. has the skills and resources to provide services and management worldwide.

The new website Web Candy built for Snamprogetti Canada was built inside a Content Management System, to allow for site administration by their internal employees. Snamprogetti also had requests toward the overall functionality of the site, allowing them to give new visitors a one-stop shop for the information they’re looking for.

Site Re-Build

Moving forward with the design and identity Snamprogetti had very specific desires in regards to the ‘look and feel’ of the website. Snamprogetti wanted to follow the corporate identity of their parent company Saipem, while creating a design to reflect their own individuality within their corporate family.

Web Candy took these specifications and built a new website from the ground up. Web Candy took the available content from Saipem’s corporate publications, wrote and re-wrote each section to reflect the information and corporate policies under Snamprogetti.

Job Bank

Snamprogetti Canada hires hundreds of employees, worldwide, over the course of the year. They’re spending money and administrative hours on managing external job bank sites like Workopolis and Monster.ca (just to name a few). One of the biggest needs Snamprogetti had for this new and improved website was the ability to post jobs, and easily administer them internally. Web Candy took these specifications designed a custom job bank tool, allowing internal administrators to post, edit, and remove job postings directly from the Snamprogetti website. It allows users coming to the website to submit and upload their resumes for a Snamprogetti job posting.

Resume Database

Resume submissions is only as good as the ability to manage and sort through them. With Snamprogetti receiving thousands of resumes a year, on hundreds of job postings, they needed a system in place to sort and filter through them fast. Enter Web Candy. We build a custom search tool, allowing the users to search through potential resumes based off of keywords based in the jobs requirements; allowing the user to easily match the appropriate job with the best possible candidate available.

These are just a few of the featured tools, out of the whole; Web Candy has used to build this latest website addition to our online portfolio.

Helping Farmers Fulfill Their Needs AgChemExpert™ Launches Their New Website

AGChemExpert | The Canadian Agrichemical Solution
Web Developers, Web Candy, based in Calgary, Alberta, present the newest addition to our ever-growing portfolio; AgChemExpert™. Web Candy assisted AgChemExpert™ to take their business to the online market. AgChemExpert™ wanted to allow their clients a way to login to their personal account, plan out their yearly chemical needs through the product information, order chemicals through an online market, and add ease to the purchase process. Web Candy developed custom product information pages, based off of existing database information, allowing AgChemExpert’s admins to enter in their product details, and manage updates (in most cases on a daily basis). The site is managed through a Content Management System (CMS), which allow for future scalability and ease of use for the end user.

About AgChemExpert™ and How They Can Help

AgChemExpert™ is THE solution to uncomplicating the complicated with Canadian Agrichemical products. AgChemExpert™ is a custom designed software program that helps you understand what each chemical does, what and how to use them and even what they are made up of. The software program is the result of over 9 years of work. For the past 9 years, detailed updates have been made to the core database; many new entries have been formed as well as the addition of many little add-ons that make farming decisions a lot easier. Data is derived from countless reliable sources within the Canadian agricultural industry. This data and information is now brought together into a web-based software program to help in learning and offer a better understanding of Canadian Agricultural crop chemicals.

Web Candy presents the launch of Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing

Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing
Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Web Developers, Web Candy,  presents the newest addition to our business family; Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing. Here at Web Candy we’re always looking to expand our horizons to offer a more cost-efficient, streamline experience for our clients. Offering a broader range of services to our clients (i.e. corporate identity, video, print, and advertising) allows us as a business to create a one-stop-shop for individuals and businesses.

What is Blue Ocean, and what can they do for me?

Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing meets all your media needs. Our professional designers are trained for optimization from print to web, and everything in-between. Looking to develop a new corporate identity? Let us update your identity to give you a fresh tailor-made design that properly reflects your business, and will grow with your company over the years to follow. Looking to connect with your customers on the internet? Blue Ocean can fulfill your goals with a new Content Management System (CMS) driven website, SEO optimization (improving placement on search engines), professional video and photographic production, Social Media optimization, and advertising management.

Everything from brochures to browser optimization, Blue Ocean has the knowledge and know-how to give you the results you want for your business.

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