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New Website for Alberta Impaired Driving Defence

Web Candy is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD). AIDD wanted a totally new website to showcase their legal offerings and they wanted to work with a Calgary web design company with a proven track record of making high impact websites geared towards traffic conversions and high return on investment. AIDD also wanted a website built with strong search engine optimization principles – something at which Web Candy has demonstrated exceptional abilities. Our web development services were also needed to make this new website a content management system so that AIDD can manage their own content and website with new articles and with edits to reflect their business needs. With Web Candy’s strong portfolio and innumerable pleased clients we were a natural choice of web design companies for AIDD to work with.

Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD) are criminal defence lawyers who specialize in impaired driving law. Impaired driving (DUI) law is a very particular subset of Canadian criminal law and AIDD provides lawyers who are trained and specialize in defending impaired driving charges. Alberta Impaired Driving Defence (AIDD) only defends impaired driving and related offences; they are skilled and knowledgeable in all defences available to people who need their legal services and they will fight for the rights of their client every step of the way.

Visit Alberta Impaired Driving Defence(AIDD) now.

Calgary's Newest & Best Priced Condominiums - University City

Calgary web design and marketing specialists, Web Candy, are proud to announce the initial launch of a new Calgary condominium development called University City.

University City is a master-planned new community across from the University of Calgary at Brentwood LRT Station. It will be an 18 storey concrete tower that will feature 216 brand new homes. Over 60 of the condos will be priced under $199,900 which is a great starting price point for any first-time buyer.

You can get the latest news and updates on University City by registering early at http://www.universitycity.ca

Be sure to join their newly created Facebook Fan Page at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/University-City/146576208712332

Follow University City on Twitter.com at: http://www.twitter.com/universitycity1

New Content Management System website for Pinnacle

Web Candy is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Pinnacle Sightseeing & Tours. Pinnacle wanted their old website to be devloped into a content management system (CMS) so that they could manage all aspects of their site whenever they wanted. Furthermore, they needed the website to be reworked with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO). Web Candy was a natural choice for Pinnacle to work with given our excellent and proven web development services and our large number of search engine optimization (SEO) success stories.

Pinnacle Sightseeing and Tours is a Banff based bus and coaching company that provides charter service to Jasper, Revelstoke, Red Deer, Edmonton, Golden, all ski resorts and destinations beyond. Pinnacle transports its customers in comfort to any of their Alberta and British Columbia destinations. Their modern fleet of buses and coaches can accommodate small to large groups, multiple destinations, hotel pickup and drop off service, baggage assistance – all under the guidance and helpfulness of friendly and professional drivers. Visit their website at http://pinnacletours.com/

Launch of new CMS website for Banff Transportation Group

Web Candy is pleased to announce the launch of new website for Banff Transportation Group. When this Banff transportation leader wanted some large overhauls to their website made they sought out a Calgary web development company to work with that had not only a great reputation for providing quality work but also an excellent track record with providing search engine optimization services.  Web Candy has proven to be at the forefront of web development in Calgary with our wide array of projects that go from large oil companies to government websites through to school board websites. Further to this, Web Candy has proven time and time again that it knows how to get its clients to the first page of Google with our world class search engine optimization (SEO).  So we were a natural fit for Banff Transportation Group to work with.

The new website for the Banff Transportation Group is relaunched as a content management system (CMS) so that administrative staff can make updates to their website as needed. Also included in the website are forms that dynamically populate with content – if someone wants to arrange to be picked up from a certain location in Banff National Park the form will automatically show the most popular of destinations.  Web Candy also developed a back end for administrators to use so more locations and destinations can be added in the future as needed. In addition to this web development, the website has also been reworked to give a much stronger focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

Banff Transportation Group is made up a group of companies that together make them the total transport provider of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They are made up of Limousines of Banff, Taxi Taxi, Banff Taxi and Pinnacle Sightseeing and Tours. They provide comprehensive transportation services within Banff National Park as well as all points in the Rockies and beyond, including airport shuttle service from Edmonton International and Calgary International Airport.

Visit the new website of Banff Transportation Group at http://banfftransportation.com/

Tom Jones' Video featuring Photographs of Web Candy's J. Olenick

Tom Jones' latest video features photographs taken by Web Candy's own Jonathon Olenick. Jonathon has been a passionate explorer of ghost towns and ruins in western Canada where he seeks out interesting photographic subjects. His large collection of material suited perfectly the wants of Tom Jones' creative team who wanted images to convey an old west feeling. The video for Tom Jones' Did Trouble Me uses five photographs Jonathon took at different ghost town sites throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia - works that contribute significantly to the mood of the video.

Watch Tom Jones' Did Trouble Me now!

Calgary website maintenance services

Web Candy performs website maintenance services for True North. True North provides extensive home services including building city-approved and high quality decks, building fences for Calgary home owners, and garage renovation services. They also offer extensive seasonal services including Calgary Christmas light installation services for homes and businesses, along with snow removal services.  True North Home Service's website updates include a new gallery page featuring a lightbox to showcase their many services for Calgary home owners. Visit their website now at http://truenorth-services.com/

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