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A New Website for Red Line Inspections

web-design-calgary-redline-inspectionsLooking to get a new website for his recently launched inspection business, John Edward contacted our web design team. We are happy to announce that the website for Red Line Inspections is now live.

We created a full screen website design that is easy to navigate and highlights the services offered by the inspection company. We also assisted in creating the copy for the website and our graphic design team whipped up designs for print marketing materials and business cards.

Red Line Inspections offers comprehensive inspection services including vendor inspections, QA/QC, and third party inspections to the structural, piping and civil construction industries. They bring their expertise and knowledge to each project, ensuring vendor supplies meet project requirements, and proper documentation and technical support is provided as needed.

To see the full website, you can visit it here: www.redlineinspections.com

We Keep On Trucking with a New Web Design for Mike Vail Trucking

mikevail-trucking-calgary-web-designFellow Calgary business owners, Mike Vail Trucking contacted our team in need of a website redesign. They had two websites running that they weren’t happy with and asked us to create a new web design and have both URLs redirect to the new site. It is now live.

We created a full screen, visually compelling design that shows off their fleet of over 150 power units. We visited them onsite to take photographs of the trucks and worked with them to update their website copy and navigation. The new site is fully mobile responsive, displaying across all devices.

Mike Vail Trucking provides superior equipment and customer service to the construction, aggregate, oil and gas, energy and environment industries throughout Alberta. For 3 decades this family owned and operated business has hauled loads with professionalism and the highest standards of performance.

To see the full site, you can go here: www.mikevailtrucking.com

A New Website for Bio Can

biocan-new-website-design-calgaryWe are happy to announce that the Bio-Can website is now live. Their team contacted us to create a one-page, full screen website design to illustrate how they revolutionize waste by recovering nutrients and recycling them for use in commercial growing projects.

We assisted in truncating the messaging to fit well with the web design and utilized videos and floating images to create a dynamic feel for the website. The site shows how Bio-Can diverts organic materials away from landfills and recycles the waste into organic compost and fertilizer. The website is fully mobile responsive and displays well across all devices.

Bio-can recovers commercial, industrial and municipal organics. By using state-of-the-art technology they de-package organic materials, recover nutrients, and recycle them to make nutrient rich fertilizer products.

To learn more and view the website, you can go here: www.bio-can.ca

Paradigm Psychology is Live on the Web

paradigm-psychology-website-design-calgaryLooking to create a new website for her recently launched Paradigm Psychology, Dr. Jennifer Jette contacted the web design team here at Web Candy/Blue Ocean. We are proud to announce that the new website is live.

We designed a clean and modern custom design that highlights her experience and professionalism as a therapist. Focusing on the user’s experience of the site, it is easy to navigate and uses imagery meant to evoke feelings of warmth, empathy and compassion when visitors use the website.

Paradigm Psychology offers individual, adolescent, and family therapy as well as, forensic and assessment services. Dr. Jette possesses over 15 years of experience and uses a variety of therapeutic and assessment techniques in her practice, tailoring methods to each individual’s needs.

To see the website, you can go here: www.paradigmpsychology.com

Tooluru - An Ecommerce Intellectual Property Marketplace is Live

tooluru-website-design-calgaryWe are happy to announce that tooluru is live. We were asked by the tooluru team to help design and create an ecommerce website that lets buyers and sellers of intellectual property source and share professional tools, patents and literature online.

We designed a custom programmed site that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Tooluru lets users securely upload and download IP items for sale or purchase, so that they can profit from the products of their own intellectual work or leverage from the creative work of others. We also created a how-to video for first time users that walks them through the process of signing up with tooluru.

You can sell your own IP now on the website. If you have created a professional tool, model, white paper or a piece of literature you would like to put up for sale – check out tooluru.

To see the website and learn more, you can go here: www.tooluru.com

Corporate Video Production for CampTek iTV

Did you know that here at Web Candy/Blue Ocean we also provide corporate video production services? Yup, we will work with you to craft your message visually using video to create advertisements, profiles or testimonials for your business.

Our most recent production is for CampTek, a company that provides technological solutions to the remote camp industry. They’ve launched a new product called the CampTek iTV. Our video production team created a script for the video, showcasing the products benefits and many features. We hired a voice actor and created graphics and animations to demonstrate how the device is used.

CampTek provides turnkey technology solutions designed specifically for the remote camp industry. They are committed to helping remote work camps stay connected to the rest of the world through integrated technological systems.

Check out their new product and our latest video production: 


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